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Coronavirus for Dirtbags: A Brief and Humorous Guide 


Ep. 138

The Naughty Episode

March 2, 2020  |  In Ultra Running, Trekking, Animal Encounters

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Gavin Harmacy Adventure Storyteller

Experienced ultra runner and owner of the Canmore, Alberta based skiing and running shop, Ski Uphill Run Uphill


Peter Fox, Adventure Storyteller

Legendary whitewater rafter.


Ben Lynn, Adventure Storyteller

A sailor, skiier, architect, and animal enthusiast

Insta: bennielynn.childmodel

Tim Mathis, Co-Host

Nurse, professional dirtbag, and author of the best book we've ever read, The Dirtbag's Guide to Life. More info here.

Insta: @dirtbagguide

Death Running, Dickheads, and Defiling Nature 

We don't stand behind anything that these people did in this episode. But we do think it's funny!

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Welcome back to the Boldly Went Podcast. 


In this podcast you’ll hear the brief and true adventure stories told in front of live audiences at Boldly Went Shows by outdoor enthusiasts and athletes of ALL kinds. 


I’m excited to be sharing the stories with you in this week’s podcast. Thanks for listening!


My name is Angel Mathis the regular host of the Boldly Went Podcast. 


In Episode 136 Going Out/Coming Out, you heard me talk about my name, why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and my big life event. Well, today, I’m bringing on a co-host who makes up the second slice of my sandwich, and who's also just celebrated a big life event! This is my dearly beloved, Tim Mathis.


Hi Tim! Thanks for being here. 


Tim, you just celebrated a big life event. What can you tell us about it? 


[Listen to the episode to hear Tim's witty responses.]



Today’s episode is titled “The Naughty Episode” 



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